Chic Traditional Bedroom


A William Morris inspired bedroom interior...

An original arts and crafts wall covering was utilised for the backdrop of the bed head to help provide the clear direction of the room for the user. Roberta May Interiors suggested gold accents for the bedside furniture which would pair beautifully with an existing mahogany chest of drawers with brass features, the client was drawn to this suggestion of French classical style and detailing.

We kept the fabrics a neutral colour palette so that the brass hardware and gold finishes took centre stage. Maintaining a balance between calm, classic and contemporary scheme helped us to succeed in realising the client's vision.

Chic Traditional Bedroom


The Golden Lounge...

We like to include a little visual consistency between rooms on our projects. Here we looked to include the French chest and gold ornate bedside tables to create a deep warmth and rich textures through the fabrics and palettes.

Including a flamboyant accent colour such as the emerald green in a plush velvet provides an element of tactility and luxury.

A lounge can have many functions: to sit and relax and to entertain. The palette helps to confirm the environment while the accents highlight the destinations of leisure.

Irises Master Bedroom


The Iris Master Suite...

Our design for this master bedroom centres around the original hand-block printed wall coverings. The French originally had these prints brought from their colonies on the east coast of India during the 17th century. We thought it was imperative to keep this original element within the room.

The room itself has plenty of natural daylight with wonderful views of a gallery in the Calvados region of Normandy.

With the advantage of day-long sunlight within the room we could apply some of the bold colours from the print, using a deep royal blue in a textured velvet for the bed head with accents of a vibrant yellow for the soft furnishings such as cushions and a throw.

The furniture itself should be simple and unassuming while the lavish detail will be seen in the room's accessories, a heavily ornate gold mirror provides this focal point for the room.