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17th February 2023

The Start of 2023

Life has been so busy that business has had to take a backseat. 

One reason was that my husband wanted to visit his birth town of South Africa. An amazing place, loved it, so vibrant and interesting. Nothing like I thought it would be, but then I didn't have any expectations.

We visited Cape Town, Port Elizabeth where my husband was born, East London, Durban, Richards Bay and Mozabique.

Cape Town was new, vibrant, exciting. Lots of places to visit from art, craft and museums with wonderful restaurants at the Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre.

We found Port Elizabeth disappointing as his home was gone to a shopping precinct. The grand old Library was closed and boarded up though it has a preservation order on it Thank goodness, as pictures of it looked amazing and we wanted to do some research. Shame as it was chucking it down with rain. 

East London had some wonderful properties from the 1930's

We didn't get to see much of Durban etc one of the disappointments of going by cruise ship.

I would like to delve into their history and architecture more.

Other things have been organising my life in France since moving here. Cant believe how much time it takes to get life back into a routine. I suppose it's fine if you buy something that needs no work and you hire someone to do all the necessary paperwork. Of which I did neither. Ha!

Hope everyone is starting 2023 with good health and spirit.





17th November 2020

2nd Lockdown in France

Hi everyone!

We are now 2 weeks into the 2nd lockdown in France. First 10 days weren't going so well but finally I have picked myself up and started doing things again.

Material has been ordered and recieved for covering a pair of sofas. Really pleased with the fabric. Purple rich, crushed velvet. Not too dark against the Black Nero Marquina Floor Tiles which is great as it is bright against the floor and the fabric being crushed gives it good movement. 

I will be looking out for some new feet to bring the sofas higher and get rid of existing pelmets to give a more modern feel.

I will revisit this story at a latter date to show the before and after pictures of the actual sofas but for the time being here is a sample of the fabric.


18th September 2020

French Autumn Fair


A great place to visit to find some great Handmade Gifts especially if you are starting to think about Christmas.

It's been a difficult year with the Covid Pendemic.

If you have been affected by Covid financially it might be a time to get writing your Christmas Gift List and spread the cost over the coming months.

A Craft Fair is an ideal place to get something different and original making that Gift more personal and special.

The Fayre is organised by,

Paws'n'Claws and was created to help find homes for abandoned and badly treated animals.

The funds raised by these events help these animals whether it's to feed them, inoculate them, etc.



28 May 2020

An Exciting New Project

The Iris Master Suite...

Our design for this master bedroom centres around the original hand-block printed wall coverings. The French originally had these prints brought from their colonies on the east coast of India during the 17th century. We thought it was imperative to keep this original element within the room.

The room itself has plenty of natural daylight with wonderful views of a gallery in the Calvados region of Normandy.

With the advantage of day-long sunlight within the room we could apply some of the bold colours from the print, using a deep royal blue in a textured velvet for the bed head with accents of a vibrant yellow for the soft furnishings such as cushions and a throw.

The furniture itself should be simple and unassuming while the lavish detail will be seen in the room's accessories, a heavily ornate gold mirror provides this focal point for the room.


04 May 2020

A New Range of NATURAL BEAUTY Soaps and Foot Scubs


Check out our Natural Beauty store, it'll brighten your day. Yhey are all beautifully scented and are heaven to use. 

At he moment I'm using the Peppermint and Eucalyptus Pumice Scrub Soap. It's devine aroma is heaven, the pumice is good for a quick exfoliate, and it leaves the skin feeling refreshed. What more can one ask?

All the soaps contain 100% natural ingredients making them so much better for your skin.

We are please to say that they are Homemade in the UK, are organic and vegan friendly. 


07 April 2020

April, and the Busy Bees are Buzzing

It's a beautifull sunny day here in Calvados region of Normandie, France.

And we are on lockdown. That is all I am going to say, except I wish you a well and safe year as I am sure everyone has had enough news.

Having mentioned Busy Bees, I have see lots of them so far this year but while in the UK I had never seen black hairless bees. 

They seem to stand out more when you have all the lovely Sping coloured flowers. 

I have decided to incorporate a lot of black in my designs against other more subtle colours so the over all image of a room has impact.

We are designing a room with one whole wall as a mural in black, grey, white and gold. The other walls will be one and one grey.

To warm it all up, sofas will be covered in a rich violet velvet to warm it all up and give a feel of cosiness and lushness.


27 August 2019

It's Been An Interesting Time

We have moved to France.

This has been so exciting, though has taken me away from the business. So I apologise for the lack of items being listed onto the website.

We have slowly got into a routine now, with the slowdown of trips back to the UK. Yeh!

We are renovating an outbuilding as a studio for the business with lots of lovely ideas.

Over the weekend Roberta May Designs and Interiors exhibited at the Château du Bailleul at a Garden Party held on 25th August.

It was a wonderful venue with a warm welcome from Philip and Angelina from Escape to the Chateau DIY.

Keep checking our blog page for updates on what we are doing.

Thank you





19 January 2019

The Start of Another Year

2019 has started well for us at Roberta May Designs and Interiors. 

We have lots of lovely designs on the cutting table for this year as we are expanding our range in Cashmere and we are designing more from Cotton and Linen for the coming Summer months.

We have a great design project happening in France which is really exciting for us.

We are looking at making up some mood boards to get a flavour of style for each room.

I suggest to keep watching this space for photos and updates.

It's going to be a great 2019.




10 December 2018

marché de Noël, Vire, Normandie

14 December - 23 December 2018

As an exhibitor

I'm getting the preparations organised for this Christmas Market.

Making lots of lovely coloured 100% Cashmere items-

ie. Fingerless Mittens, Wrist Warmers, Hot Water Bottle Covers, Ankle Warmers, etc.

Check out the following for information....


03 December 2018


Looking forward to returning to Croscombe for this Christmas Fair. It's warm and frendly and local.


Lots of lovely gifts for your Christmas shopping.

We will be seeling some lovely luxurious 100% cashmere fingerless mittens, hotwater bottle covers, wrist warmers etc.


30 November 2018

Christmas Gift Fair

Just a quick notice to say that we are exhibiting our Cashmere designs at CHILWORTH MANOR near Southampton this weekend (Sunday 2nd Decemeber) 10am - 4pm. It's a lovely venue and we are excited at exhibiting there.

There will be a lot of exhibitors there to choose some great Christmas Gifts.


05 October 2018

1940's Armoire

We bought an Armoire that was looking somewhat tired on the outside but had some decorative inlay on the inside. It came flat pack when we collected it and I wondered how easy it would be to put back together again. Well, not problem on that front. Tongue and groove and metal bolts to screw in. I thought i might find it difficult to suss out which side the uprights were made for, but that was made easy too, with one being slightly different to the other. On the whole it was a delight to put together. And, it's rock steady!


23 July 2018

INTERNET Hooray!!!

Well, today was the day, we have nally got our internet service. In some ways it was quicker than expected and in others slower than expected but no complaints.

I'm now back in action after six months away.

So looking forward to lots of new ideas!



27 June 2018

A Long Time Coming

Well, we have been off the radar for a bit with our pending move abroad and it has finally happened. 

We should be getting our internet service connected at the beginning of July, so lots will be happening then.

Keep watching this space and keep up to date with our new life.



 01 August 2017

A Trip To A Fabric Supplier

I'm looking forward to visiting one of my favorite fabric suppliers today - Fabric Barn.

They have some wonderful fabrics of different designs, materials and prices. There's something to suit everyone. The staff are all very helpful with their knowledge and customer service.  

More to follow after my trip......

 It was a great trip - I took a client to check out and determine what it was she wanted. I also had William Morris wallpaper and other samples to match some fabric for another client. I went away to about four possibilities, but the more I look at them, one is standing out from the others.

Now, for myself, well there are lots that take my fancy. The Fabric Barn always seduces me with all the colours, patterns and types of fabric. It's a real 'must visit' place. Be 'wowed' by going there!


29 June 2017

How Do You Get A Hoarder to Clear?

Well, it was a tough time, trying to get my mother to sort out for downsizing when all she wanted to do was keep everything.

Here’s an example of trying to get fifteen umbrellas down to five.

 “Do you really need fifteen umbrellas?”

“Yes, I like them all”

So I line them all up, sorting them into colour.

“Look you have four brown ones, three black ones, one grey, two red, three navy and two multi coloured.”

“I don’t know why I have brown ones, I don’t even like brown. They can go!”

“What about the black?”

“If they are all the same, I guess I only need one.”

“What about the multi coloured ones?”

“I want to keep those, they’re both different.”

And so it went…..

I managed to whittle it down to six.

I did this with a number of items, letting her choose what she wanted to keep, but also putting logic into it by showing her the whole picture. Another example, sorting twenty three pairs of pyjamas using the same format. It was also to build up her confidence that I wasn't trying to throw out everything she owned and also I didn’t want her to think that we were taking away her choice of making her own decisions.

In the beginning it took a while, but afterwards I was told that she would leave it to me as she thought I would know best.

A plan was made for what she would definitely need for the new place, and then it was a case of sorting what she may like to keep that would create a theme for her future home. Anything I wasn’t sure about, she was asked, again keeping her confidence. 



04 September 2016




Wonderful Warming Colours

Ochre,orange anddeep red!

An excellent colour combination for any room. Designing a room in these colours creates a  warm and cosy feel for a cold climate or the ochre, orange and red can create a sultry, exotic, Latin American feel for hotter climates.

If you want to make better use of your Rose Hips simply make some rosehip syrup.

Rosehips are a great source of vitamin C. They far exceed what you would get from oranges.

Rosehips are also great for osteoarthritis.

How you can use Rosehips:

Rose Hip Tea                                                      Candied Rose Hips

Rose Hip Juice                                                   Rose Hip Jam

Candied Rose Hips

18 July 2016

Pretty in Pink

While returning from a trip to Beer in Devon, we pulled into a layby and loved the 'Pretty in Pink' bales.

It certainly jazzes up the countryside.

25 July 2016 - UPDATE

                                   I have just been told by a friend that farmers cover them inpink to sell bales for Cancer Charity. One of her friends call them his "big marshmallows"                                                           



13 June 2016

The Chill Out Table cum Magazine Rack

This is such a useful side table cum magazine rack. It's a good colour that will blend in with most colour schemes, it's useful for putting those cups of coffee or glass of wine on when having a browse through a magazine. Keeps everything tidy without being too precise. 

This is now someone's 'must have' as have recently sold it. 


12 June 2016

An Amazing Sunset

This is an amazing sunset. The colours of rich red, orange, grey and black would make the perfect colour combination for an interior design project or printed as a piece of wall art making a design statement.




02 June 2016

Radiator Design

This is a radiator from the past, and Wow! What a whopper. I have to say I have never seen the like. The heat this radiator must generate must be amazing and I wonder at what cost?

This would make the most show stopping design feature, let’s say in an old converted wharf building. This one is show in an 18th Century property.


A Great Day Out

31 May 2016

There’s something about a MONKEY PUZZLE TREE that I really love, though I’m not sure what it is. Maybe it’s something to do with the fact it’s different, stands out from the crowd, looks tropical and manages to survive in the U.K. climate?  It’s one of my ‘must have’ when I get a garden to do it justice.



This picture of the cone makes me think it’s something you can eat, that will be delicious, that it will ooze a thirst quenching milk and flesh that will give an exotic, refreshing taste Mmm…

Let me know what it makes you think!

Oh! sorry got carried away there, the tree was on a Great Day Out at A La Rhonde on the way to Exmouth.


I love Irish Linen

06 April 2016

There is something about Irish Linen that is fresh. I feel it's something to do with the fact that it is a natural fibre.

These particular towels give a wonderful luxury feeling to any bathroom making you feel special into the bargain.

They have been edged with handmade cotton crochet.

Something I found out recently, is that my Grandfather on my mother’s side worked in the cotton mills in Ireland.